In 1975 Konstantinos Karavidas founded KARKON.

Initially he was manufacturing metal decorative products and metal structural elements. Then with the implementation of the new company’s owned facilities on 2001 and with the addition of appropriate mechanical equipment he created a vertical production line of products on the fireplaces as chimney tops, ventilation grilles, roasting systems and others.

Today Karavidas Konstantinos  two sons have taken over the company , and have changed the name into  “KARKON”- Karavidas George and Sia E.E on 2009 , the company has entered a new phase of creation and dynamic presence at exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Our company has created a network of clients and partners all over Greece and abroad. Our products are available through the DIY stores in Greece.

Also our products exported in Italy, in Germany in Spain , in Cyprus, in Albania  and other Balkan countries.